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Age: 21
Height: 5'5
Category: Indian
Languages: English, Hindi
Rates Incall Outcall Price
2 Hour Rs: 10,000
3 Hour Rs: 15,000
Full Night Rs: 25,000
bangalore escorts Aarti

I am a person who flies to different countries with different nationality people, Ha,,,,,Ha,,,,,,Ha,,,,,,, I believe by this time you might have guessed my profession, Yes i am a Air hostess and i am from Mumbai, My name is Nisha who is sweet to customers and empathies to all who needs my service Yes and immediately register yourself to this service and with no doubt you can book me for all your needs and i am ready to satisfy you, I am very much playful and fun loving individual, who ever wishes to make love with me just join here and this experience will make you repeatedly visiting as guaranteed till date.

I came to this service accidently, when i joined this job within 6 months i feel so much stressed with continuous shift but one day my captain accompanied me to burst at my stress and from there i started dating with my passengers which gave me immense pleasure Now i want to do the same service to common people who are in need, I can be a tutor as well as a good companion, people who experience this service for first time can choose me where as i will give the best ever treatment which i guarantee that you won't get from others from this service, i feel grateful and completed by satisfying human inner needs and desire.