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Our Motto is Client Satisfaction

We don’t just claim being honest in anything but are one of the most prolific body to body massage centres in Bangalore
Believe in making sure that if anybody think of massage in Bangalore our name is the one that should cross his mind the first.
All the masseuse that work at our spa will treat you as a friend rather than a client. Body massage in Bangalore is something that you will find in all corners of Bangalore.
However, whenever you will search for B2B spa near me, you will find us. Our parlour is hygienic and clean and hence you will feel comfortable in our massage spa Bangalore. You can check the reviews given by our clients.
We have a long list of satisfied customers and are one of the most renowned Body massage centres in Bangalore. If you are not satisfied with ISHASPA, we will provide you a complete refund or change the staff.
Our staff is highly knowledgeable and skilled and therefore you will not have to worry anything about how they work.


You will find many fake sites that claims to be best body massage spa near me. We would advise you to stay away from such sites. Some of them are a copy of us and takes commission from us for giving clients to us. You can approach us directly and get rid of extra commission that you will have to pay if you use those sites.

You can call us directly and we will bring you safely and give the services you seek. Some may entice you in the name of sex and you won’t get either massage or sex as those people aims only for the cash. Believe only in the massage centres like us who has the potential of serving you with an erotic massage and the extra services that you may ask for.

Body Massage at Home

In this fast-paced life tension go hand in hand with daily life. This is where body to body spa near me steps in. Massage is a stress buster and after a whole day of travel if you don’t feel like travelling, we will provide you massage services at your doorsteps. You can pick and chose the girls listed on our site and we will send her to your doorsteps.
Thus, instead of going to the parlour you can call the massage girl at home and enjoy the end services at your home itself. This will make you feel more secure and all our premium customers can enjoy these services. We have a long list of girls to chose from as we have hot college girls, horny housewives, and celebrities in our team. Thus, you can schedule an appointment with the kind of girl you want to at your doorstep.


We have various Body massage centres in Bangalore, and we own all of them, Hence, we are the genuine owners providing body massage in Bangalore with happy ending services.

Why Us? Ishaspa Massage Spa

1. Since, we are the direct owners, you will not have to pay any extra commission and in addition to that we have many offers going on and you will get all of those if you approach us directly.
2. You can book the appointment over a phone call and there won’t be any extra or hidden charges.
3. Our staff members won’t ask for any tip and will not complain if you don’t pay any tip. It’s up to you and you can tip them only if you wish to.
4. Our girls will treat you as if they know from ages and will make sure that you are totally comfortable.
5. We have many girls in each spa, and you can pick and chose the girl of your choice. In addition to spa, we provide end services as well and you can opt for them in case you need those services.
6. Girls won’t stop until you are satisfied, and this is the reason why we are rated as one of the top body massage centres in Bangalore.
7. You can ask for a complete refund or change of the staff if you are not satisfied with their services. (This is only possible with us as we are the spa owners)
8. After the massage our girls will take you to steam bath or shower whatever you decide.
9. We are available 24*7 and at any point in time, you can call us and avail our services.
10. Our list of girls includes housewives, college girls, and models. The price will be in accordingly and you can choose the kind of girl you need for service.

Points to keep in mind before visiting us

There are a lot of advertisers, mediators, and brokers who are trying to make huge money from these services. You can call us directly on the numbers provided on our site and save a lot of your money. Daily you must be hearing of the incidents that people were looted in the name of massage and we don’t want you to be one of them. The massage centre will be the same, but the services will be different from the medium you have come from. The one who approaches us directly will enjoy our premium services. We only provide home massage services to our premium customers and therefore, if you are one of those you can schedule an appointment at your doorsteps.

Massage Bangalore

We all are beautiful and to keep that beauty forever we need to rejuvenate it and for which massages have no substitute. Let’s discover our different types of Massage services. Not to mention that every service is conducted by the professionals and by using the top-most quality, verified herbal products. So do a booking and get relaxed, we will do the rest.

Female to Male Spa Near Me

Female’s touch is always sensual, they are well known for their soft touches. Female to male spa therefore is the most preferred among our customers. Our female spas are extremely good looking, have professional experience in the field of Massaging. Their behavior is civilized too. They will make you free from all the stresses and work-pressure of the day. Their soft fingers and herbal products combinedly make you rejuvenated for your upcoming works and make you energetic to handle all the hurdles. In Hyderabad, it is quite famous as the hot female therapist rubs the entire body of our customers with sweet-smelling herbal lubricants through their soft-palms and fingers.

Female to Female Spa near me Home Service

Females are gaining as much liberty as males, we are very happy to feel that and it’s a welcoming trend. Females are taking leadership responsibilities as a professional, they are working with multinational companies, etc. All are good but sometimes due to work pressure, they feel stressed, and ignoring it may initiate the embryo of chronic diseases.
So we suggest assigning a female therapist who will massage your entire body at least once a week. This service will keep you healthy, open-minded, free-flowing, and stress-free. Not only that the herbal products used by our spas are very beneficial for glowing skin. Thus it will also help you to keep your skin healthy. But as you may lack time to visit our spa we are providing doorstep services. So, no more waiting, let’s have a booking.

Massage Spa Near Me

Our skin is the most sensitive part of our exterior body. Skin health is crucial to living a happy and healthy life. Regular spa treatment can help you out to maintain glowing and healthy skin through their massaging services. Massage spa not only helps you to keep your skin glowing but also they can make you relaxed from the huge work pressure and stresses. Many working professionals in Bangalore report suffering from too much work pressure, commuting and they need to try hard to maintain a balanced family life. In this situation we suggest don’t ignore mental stress as in the long run it may become critical. But obviously, at the end of the day, a massage can help you to stay hit and fit.

Body Massage Spa Near Me

Manage your stress by using our Massage Spas. We have aimed to create a stress-free Bangalore. We serve massage services at your doorstep both for men and women around Bangalore. Our Spas are experienced in the scientific way of massaging. Really, massaging rejuvenates our body and mind. It brings a new flame within us to face the upcoming problems or work pressures. Our spas can serve you full body massage at an affordable price.

Spa Near Me Body to Body

Are you excited to feel the touch of every body part of a woman? And at the same time want to achieve a relaxing, pleasing and soft massage by a woman? Then you have perfectly landed on. We are providing Body to Body massage services in the entire Bangalore. Our Spa can reach you at your place to de-stress you and to excite you. We call it B2B massage in short and this service is in high demand throughout Bangalore. Our Spas are so expert and hot that their fingertips can arouse sexual desire in your mind. But to have intercourse is not allowed without prior permission. So, please abide by our guidelines and enjoy your massage.

Body to Body Spa Near Me

Just a fabulous massage service it is. A hot and good-looking, handsome woman will rub their entire body along with their hands to make you stress-free.
This therapy treatment not only makes you relaxed but also you gain enjoyment along with health benefits. Body to body spa falls under the exotic massage category.
It creates a sensual feeling among males. Body to body massage became so popular that clients call it B2B massage in short.
However, here to mention, as it arouses excitement and sensual feelings so males become crazy to have intercourse with the female expert, but it is not allowed without prior permission. For the sake of excitement, people love this sensual massage.

Body Spa Near Me

When we get tired of the daily busy schedules massage therapy becomes helpful. But Massaging only the upper part of your body may not relax you fully. In Bangalore, most of the people like the full body massage and they also prefer it from a female Spa. Our 80 percent of the spas are female. The full body massage by our experts will keep you in a perfect body posture as well as it will help you to stay calm, stress-free in every tough situation, as well as massage, will keep you far away from various articular pains. Massage therapy helps to improve our blood circulation, relaxes our mind, body, and soul that makes us more energetic.

B2B Spa Near Me

Body to body massage is popularly called B2B massage. In this category of massage, a female spa employs her entire body to arouse the excitement within you. She rubs her palms, boobs, hips with your body along with her hand so that you can feel the sensation of hormones. This massage service is very much popular among all the massages and people love it for its excitement. But you can’t have intercourse with the spa unless it is stated in advance. B2B massage is really joyous and full of enjoyment. You must try this at least once.

Massage Spa Bangalore

Heal your mind, body, and soul with our elegant massage spas and set you free from the stresses of a busy schedule of businesses. A body spa helps your skin to breathe freely. So your skin can keep glowing 24*7 everywhere. Therapists are also suggested to do massage for a healthy and disease-free life. As the gym makes your muscles stronger our massage spa in Bangalore makes your mind and soul stronger. We are always ready to serve you the best massage spa in Bangalore anywhere and everywhere. So, if you are looking for a gorgeous and expert spa to relax your body just click Book Now.

Female to male Spa at Home

Males usually don’t prefer a Spa if she is not a female. But how would you rate a female spa if she can visit your door to serve you the best massaging experience in your comfort zone? That would be really great, Nah?
So, if you want to make your body, mind, and soul completely relaxed without stepping out, our hot and expert spa should be your choice. The female spa is not only looking good but their civilized attitude and behavior will charm you the moment you keep your eyes on their eyes. So without any delay just click on Book Now. until then our spa gets ready to reach you.

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