A massage is the easiest way that aids in relaxing your tissues, boost the flow of blood and oxygen and reducing muscle tension/pain.
Massage as a healing art has been around for more than a thousand years. The natural intuitive to use purposeful touch to relax and soothe the body has now evolved into a healthy professional industry.
The earliest showing of massage is likely traced back to about 2700 BCE in China. It was seen in a Chinese text called “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine”, which is still used in many parts of the world for massage training.
In 2500 BCE, massage as a form of therapy as used as a part of their medical tradition was seen in Egyptian tomb paintings.
In India, around 1500 BCE, Indians started using massage through their practice of Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine holds that the mind, body and soul are all interconnected and one cannot function without the wellness of the other.
In Greece, specific techniques like reducing the knots in the body through therapeutic building became common. This practice is still used in sports massage therapies all over the world.
Modern massage therapy, what we now call as Swedish therapy, is based on Swedish gymnastics that include various stroke movements.
Since the human body has not changed significantly over the course of the centuries, the practices have been carried over to our modern generation and manipulated to suit each body’s need.

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A body massage in Bangalore involves a feeling of tranquility, bliss and a serene atmosphere that alleviates all your senses and prepares your whole body to ease into your surroundings. But what is most intriguing about massages is that while you might be in a state of total relaxation, your body is going through a full activation process.

The body massage procedure has been practiced for thousands of years throughout the world. Most massages involve pressure through rubbing and manipulation of the muscles by using the hands, fingers and in many cases, forearms, elbows and feet. Any type of massage has an assorted array of benefits. A massage generally awakens your nervous and muscular system, generates increased movement of blood and oxygen and aids in the release of positive chemicals and hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins which elevate your mood.

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1. Muscular relaxation: When the muscles are relaxed, it brings out fresh nutrition, blood and oxygen to the body. A massage also mobilizes your joints and provides beneficial tension to your ligaments and tendons.

2. Enhanced blood supply: An increased blood flow brings calcium and other minerals to your bones. Hence, the skeletal system rewards greatly from a massage.

3. Improved breathing: Free, unrestricted breathing is the pathway to stress reduction. This fixes respiratory problems as well as diminishes greatly any accumulative stress and tension.

4. Relaxing of the nervous system: One of the major causes for any pain and tension in the body is pressure on the nerves caused by strained muscles. A relaxed nervous system, which can be obtained through a massage, increases hormone production.

5. Immune system strengthening: Undergoing regular massages increase the white blood cell count in the body, in turn, elevating the functioning of your immune system.

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History Of Body Massage in Bangalore

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