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One of the services popular today that excites the imagination of men is erotic massage, which is carried out by beautiful girls in thematic, intimate salons. Inexperienced people or with conservative thinking often confuse such establishments with brothels, considering massage parlor workers to be confused. And this is one of the most common myths about this service, which, incidentally, is relevant not only for men, but also for women. Of course, according to statistics, the beautiful half of humanity orders an exciting massage less often than a stronger sex. In some cases, girls come to the session with men, ordering a service for the couple. The girls near UB City are expert in such services and that is the reason that you can have the best options there. With Erotic massage Bangalore near UB City you can find your pleasure.

Erotic body massage: breaking down myths that people still believe in

Imagine a picture, a cloudy evening, the rain drizzles slightly, leaving small drops on the pavement. A man, tired after a busy day, stands in front of the salon. In his gaze, indecision is visible, but the subconscious is already excited and the soul wants rest. But this time he goes to a bar, depriving himself of the opportunity to receive a gentle oriental massage with oil or a delicate classic body massage with elements of light eroticism. His inner world is indignant, and all because he believes in myths associated with this type of leisure.

Indeed, there are a lot of legends around the massage parlors working there for girls and visitors:

  • • For some, this is the usual option for spending leisure time, for others it’s an unattainable dream (and this is not only about the financial component).
  • • Someone considers masseuses to be priestesses of love, someone is sure that they work there not from a good life, but for someone they are enchantresses who can bring to orgasm by clicking on secret points.
  • • Some of the men, having visited such a place, come there again and again, not hiding their hobby from others, while others are embarrassed and hush up that they like to visit massage parlors , while others are even afraid to think about going to such an institution.
  • • So, consider what misconceptions envelop a massage with elements of eroticism and debunk them.
  • First Myth: legal cover for prostitution

    And this is perhaps the most popular misconception among the population. This opinion is held, as a rule, by people who are sure that it is possible to bring pleasure and bring to orgasm only through sexual intercourse. In fact, any self-respecting salon, including the Empire, which provides high-quality erotic massage in Kharkov, does not allow customers to cross the line between sex and relaxation. For no extra charge a man will be able to enter into an intimate relationship with a masseuse. Such a policy can be traced to all normal institutions that value their reputation. The Body massage hotel services UB City proves this.

    In addition, girls with certain moral values come to work with us. They are spectacular, young, vibrant, self-respecting, investing more effort, sensuality, passion and artistry in the session. In order to gain mastery and understand how to do a quality relaxing body massage, you need to not only find out what technique and technique corresponds to the type of session chosen by the client: Nuru, BDSM , Linga, Thai, Yoni, classic, but also invest a piece of your good mood in your work .intimate massage in the salon

    Myth two: the goal of a masseuse is to “divorce” a guest

    Many clients who decide for the first time to try an exciting Escorts service in UB City with a sequel are afraid of an unpredictable increase in the price tag on the part of the girls. Fear of hearing a phrase like “so I did this and that, and this plus the amount according to our price list” repels many men. Our salon, like any other institution that values its reputation, does not allow such situations. The cost of the session and additional options is paid immediately. Thanks to this, the client loses stress and is completely ready to enjoy the massage.

    Myth three: nympho masseuses

    Rather, it’s a fantasy of men, pretty fueled by the porn industry. Of course, no one forbids fantasizing at a session about a nympho-masseuse; the main thing is not to make the girls inappropriate offers. Yes, they have a certain character, do what they want, like and profitably, and do not follow moral prohibitions and conservative rules. They love men, know how to find a common language with them, and know exactly why massage is useful. The purpose of their interest is to reveal the guest, explore emotions and deliver pleasure. Girls know what Aroma massage Bangalore excites a man, they are liberated and confident. However, they know that erotic massage and sex are two different processes, and salon clients should also keep this in mind.

    The fourth myth: girls are taken to work "from the street" who endure all this for the sake of money

    Alas, the work of an intimate masseuse is condemned by society, in addition to this, vacancies contain phrases like “experience is not required,” “we will teach everything,” etc. All this formed the myth that "hopeless" go to such work and endure their customers for the sake of money. In fact, the first thing we do is send the girls to courses. The purpose of their work is to give pleasure, and without the skills and understanding of what is needed for massage, this is impossible. In the process of training and further work, they learn the secrets of eroticism and Spa centres Bangalore near UB City, learn to bring a man to orgasm without intimacy and become good psychologists, learning the secrets of the male subconscious. Both students and ladies with higher education, having a broad outlook and good manners, work successfully in the salons.


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