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Meghna Reddy Hyderabad

Hi, I am Meghna Reddy and I am 19 years old
My name says that i am the source of life and i wish i could not only be source of life but also i can enlight others life source by giving fun and satisfactory companion, I am doing my B,pharm in a reputed college and from one my friend i was introduced in this job called "escorting" Initially i was worried and not knowing about its benefits but after meeting few people and spending my time with them i believe it is one of the greatest part time job that any women and even men can go with since i am young, i look dynamic and silky smooth by nature, i have a honey glazed brown tan which attracts more clients towards me in overall profile, my specialty is bringing out real need of every client without hesitation at every meet, which means during bed time i would love to meet the expertise in expectation I do this as a kind of service where both the giver and receiver could be benefited and get refreshed, most of all i want to earn myself and to reach levels in life and studies so i use this as a tool but comparing finance with this fun moments, i volunteer to this job more for fun I can be your real time companion, if you like my profile you can book and contact me even for hours or on full day basis and in turn i return the fantastic pleasure to the fullest as much as you expect

Nitya Coimbature

Hi, I am Nitya and I am 21 years old
It is my pleasure introducing myself as Ms Nitya while looking in to my profile i would like to convey in the beginning that my companion will be the greatest and the most memorable moments compared with your previous experience if yes or it is going to be a assured gift of excitement in any other various attempts let me first describe my personal and in addition to that I can surprise you with my body, make and my specialty with men's during private time, I am a 21years old office going women and which means I am fresh and young passed at recently from college, my height in 5,2inches which in a suitable height to give perfect company in any sex position, to say my special attraction on my body is my cleavage and my back yard, speaking frankly that choosing me for a day will be move fun and people can get good company as a friend and as well as a great partner on the bed, my preference will be a back plough position since it is hand fully bulks and medium soft, every client get's a extraordinary satisfaction in it's my specialty in to cares the client and to bring out all his

Veena Malik Kolkata

Hi, I am Veena Malik and I am 23 years old
My name is Veena Malik, the meaning is `someone precious' relating to my name, i am very precious and will give a priceless and precious experience on choosing me to escort you in this scenario, I am strong hearted and bold in nature since i was an orphan, i have a good nature of giving good company in talking and understanding people During my college days i got an opportunity to go for a tour with my friends where i got a chance to make love with my boy friend and from then onwards my intention accelerated towards various men's and their desire, so i enrolled myself in this job and now i am in the cruising of sailing with various men's and satisfying their dreamt sexual expectations Right now i am 23 years old and since i have dreamed about various style and limits in body desire i believe that i am right choice for men who look for difference and extra in their sexual likes, As i am a person who is working from home i am ready to join at any needed place of your choice and also i can spend whole day as a girlfriend and also give an never ending delighteness on bed I would like to try and experiment various position and angle from which i myself as well as the customers will get there in return pleasure to the fullest, so without delaying and by no hesitation contact me and let both have a wild in wellness

Hemangini Bangalore

Hi, I am Hemangini and I am 18 years old
Hi, Dear loved ones, I am Hemangini and you know why that my name sounds different, It was a name given by my grandfather by seeing my skin tone, Yes i am having wetish golden skin and now you know my name Hemangini means golden skin or golden girl, Very recently after joining my college studies i started noticing that i have more sexual feelings and also i am very much keen in invading my extreme limits of pleasure, so i decided to join the team and to present myself in public forum to unleash the inner feelings of coitus Since i am 18 years old i am with a medium physical built but i received comments from all few people with whom i had entertainment have given a 5 star rating in company and satisfaction and i believe that i could do the same best for you too at times of availing my service In future i want to be a model or an actress for which i am following healthy diet and regular workout, My company for your intimacy will be of great memory and it is my hidden secret that if you take my company once in lifetime you will get the eternity feel of body pleasure

Ajana Srikanth Chennai

Hi, I am Ajana Srikanth and I am 23 years old
Hello my dearer and loved ones, I am Ajana Srikanth and i am completing my 23rd age by this year 2019, I am fond of love making with different aged people from different part of the world because i would like to explore myself in the world of {sex}body desire, Since i am an Indian where Kama sutra was born, I have that feel of sexual attraction and expedition in various position in various destination It is a kind of different experience which takes you to heaven so i would like to date and present myself as an angel along with you on bed, I am very much friendly and social so any one who wish to date with me and to have fun with me can get a good company on bed and as well as i will join people who like to drink while having fun time. To describe my physical appearance, I look like Alia in height and glamour like Aishwarya and i believe that i am gifted by God with this type of built give a great company, I started doing this service from age 21 after joining in this escort site and i love this very much than my full time job so this becomes as my hobby and i thoroughly enjoying it People who are not happy and satisfied with your life partner or the one who likes to invade many levels and insist to reveal many secrets in intercourse can book me or can contact me, you can chat to understand my tastes and if you would like to proceed then date with me and reach the sensual destination by sailing with me in private

Karishma bangalore

Hi, I am Karishma and I am 25 years old
Myself Karishma, speaking in this short and sweet introduction about me, I am just 19 with a look of 25 years old women, My name says that i am delicate and beautiful girl and it is true which you feel at the time of my comfort with you When i was at the age of 15 i started developing changes on my body over the secret areas even i was happy to see that males are attracted towards me but sometimes at the age of 18 i felt little shy by myself for having big bust and extra large buttocks and when days goes on by seeing different erotic movies, i understood myself that i was gifted with great asset of which Iam using to give the eternal love and pleasure to my clients Now i want to continue my studies in business management but i was only granted with sexy figure but not with finance si i choose this path and converted it as my part time job for which i am happy and gaining good pleasure as well as nice pay, In return i am giving the best comfort and fascinating fornication By choosing me as your partner i guarantee you with fullest satisfaction and complete giftof aura will be felt in you, I am ready to date for hours and as well as days

Sruthi Shetty mangalore

Hi, I am Sruthi Shetty
Greeting to all who visits this site and see my profile for the first time, Our motto in this escorting business is to always satisfy the guest a head than their expectation and desire, so as far as now i felt myself is one of the best girl in our entire team who is well fit and broad minded in nature I am Sruthi Shetty, a Miraculous girl in Gods creature, I love nature and wild forest and i am a vegetarian who is much concentrated on deictic food and up keeping the health, My hobby is jogging in the morning and swimming in the evening and so because of this i have a very good and fittest figure as well as very energetic in nature My aim is nit about money but i am very much fond of having wild intimacy and also i prefer natural locations and wild resorts for this to execute to various level of enjoyment, even though money is not my concern i cannot give anything for free and so i charge high in price and so i prefer most customer who is rich or VIP's in society Dating with me is a fantasy in esteemacy and love making is a magic and memorable moments of your once gifted human life so i welcome all with gratitude and gentle kisses until you taste one from me during your personal cuddle

Preethi Bangalore

Hi, I am Preethi and I am 22 years old
Preethi, I am the princess of erotic world and feel proud about being an escort for people who are in need of my service in terms of lovemaking and dating, To say about myself, Iam a 22 year young and dynamic person who wanted to be a athlete and that was once my dreams and due to this i work out every day from the time when i am 12 years old Once when i went for participating in national sports meet i got a boy friend who liked my curvy figure and brownish skin had physical relation with me which gave me enormous pleasure and from their my new journey towards lovemaking started After reaching back to Hyderabad to my home town i was in search of young and handsome men's to fulfill my sexual desire and at that time one of my friend who works in this escort job introduced me to this site and from there my new life as a butterfly it started , dating and copulation with various group and types of people in this society Since i don't continue myself any more in athletics i still don't want to lose my healthy structure so i started doing yoga which is still keeping me young, active and attractive from outside and inside, I would like to spend much time with my customer to fulfill their needs and so i am ready at any time of your contact to date and to have a complete physical relation

Soniya Arora Delhi

Hi, I am Soniya Arora and I am 25 years old
Het my dear companion whoever is going to be attracted and interested in my service , I welcome you all and appreciate for choosing this escort service, either this can be your first time or maybe you are our regular clients but from my point of view every regular client but from my point of view every single customer who approaches will be treated as first time visitors with all gratitude of kings and princess I am Soniya Arora 25 years age and if you see the meaning of my name it says " i am girl like no other" and as the meaning say i was been appreciated by all my clients as i am very special in all of their previous experience and believe it will be retained even after they experience any other women in their life Many of my customers who visits me are really happy because i am well experienced by reaching my age of 24 in this year end, most adorable part of my body is my breast which resemble the size of a papaya and even though i had several intercourse i take care of my vagina to be tight to give the extreme level of pleasure to my customers Dating is my fantasy, meeting is my pleasure, sleeping is my dream and having fun is my destiny and journey together with my customers

Sunitha Hyderabad

Hi, I am Sunitha and I am 19 years old
It is my pleasure to introduce myself in this forum of escort service which is a great business where different types of customers and various age group of people with unique expectation meets together and i am proud to be one of the service provider which gives me immense happiness and great pleasure in terms of money and physical desire My identity is as Sunitha in this forum which i choose myself because i like to give the biggest joy to all my customers who tastes my service and approaching me with lots of expectation, I am 20 years old but young and charming girl with many things in myself to explore, My invitation for invasion of my body is always open and welcome I am a born Indian with a father from France and i am basically born and brought up in Goa and this is my first place also to experience the pleasure of love making with a tourist from Russia, My actual profession is working in bar as a bartender but i quit that job and came to Bangalore to start my own business but after getting a chance to join in escort service i liked my way of living life and decided to continue in some path i am always open to welcome any client from inside India or from outside the nation, do contact me for outing and partying in turn i will fulfill all your desire in new way of thought process


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