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Prepare a towel or wet wipes, massage oil or lubricant if you plan to massage intimate areas. Decide on massage oil in advance, making sure that your partner is not allergic to its components, and that the aroma does not cause negative emotions in him.
Wash your hands at least, but rather take a shower or bath, you can do this even with your partner. By the way, in the bath you can also use one of the methods of erotic massage, but we'll talk about this below. With the search Massage parlours near me you can surely find the best options now.

Safety precautions

If possible, buy special massage oils, do not use essential oils or hair oils, they can cause allergies. If the skin is sensitive, see odorless products with a neutral composition or “hypoallergenic”. You can pre-do an allergy test on the bend of the elbow. Oil can be replaced with a neutral, intimate, water-based lubricant.

  • • Follow hand hygiene - your nails should be neat. If there are cuts, burns or abrasions on the hands - the oil can unpleasantly pinch them, it is better to postpone the massage.
  • • Remove rings and bracelets in advance, they can cling and scratch your partner’s skin.
  • Do not massage damaged areas of the body, places with irritation from depilation
    Do not use sharp, intense movements and techniques such as tapping when massaging your chest, abdomen, kidneys

    Types of erotic massage

    Thai massage

    It’s not that completely erotic, but rather it is a massage of the whole body. This type of massage takes quite a lot of time and attention must be paid here to absolutely every part of the body - from the top of the head to all toes. Erotic Thai massage focuses on intimate areas. You can perform it as you like and anything.

    Tantric massage

    Slow and smooth massage performed in the body plexus. The essence of the massage is that the two partners, as it were, become one. All erogenous zones are stimulated. But it should be remembered that tantric massage should be an expression of love, and only with such a feeling should you touch your partner.

    Nuru massage

    Japanese massage, in which one or even several naked masseurs participate. Nuru is translated as “slippery,” “smooth,” translated from Japanese. Nuru massage uses special transparent gels and lotions made from seaweed that have no taste or smell. Gel nuru is applied to the entire body - both the masseur and the massaged, active and passive side, after which the masseur rubs and slides with his whole naked body on the body of the partner. The maximum possible physical contact is important, as close and intimate touches as possible, and as wide a spectrum of exposure as possible, including the head and face.
    You can buy special sets for nuru massage, which includes gels with the correct composition and a special sheet that improves the sliding of bodies and saves bed linen and carpets from liters of oil fluids.

    Massage “Sakura Branch”

    This is another type of Japanese massage practiced by geisha, to which elite sexy concubines were allowed with a perfect smooth body and extensive experience. In technique, it is similar to nuru massage, but the essence of the “Sakura Branch” massage is to bring a man to orgasm without intercourse.


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