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Body to body Thai massage is a type of erotic massage aimed at the complete relaxation of both physical and spiritual condition. He came to us from Ancient India and China, where he was used as a preparation of a man for sexual intercourse. The peculiarity of this massage, both in ancient times and now is the use of aromatic oils for the massage itself and for fumigating the room, as well as accompanying the “magic ritual” with relaxing music. With the Body to body massage Bangalore you can have the wonderful option of discovering the pleasure of massage.

Moreover, Thai massage allows not only enjoying and feeling a surge of strength, but also brings significant benefits to the body:

  • - it allows you to stabilize your heart rate
  • - improve the secretion of active substances (hormonal background)
  • - normalize muscle tone
  • - significantly improve overall health
  • - stabilize the psychological stat
  • Types, methods and sequence of Thai massage

    To give true pleasure and tone the body of another person with the help of Thai massage allows his various techniques. They differ depending on the patient (male or female), his ailments, and the number of masseurs.

    The most common are:

    Classical Thai massage

    His technique involves passing through several stages:

    - preliminary preparation (warm shower or rubbing aromatic oils with soft wavy movements);

    - “Tao” - increased pressure on the body while maintaining smooth movements;

    - grinding, involving the active massage of all parts of the body from the pads of the limbs to the neck and erogenous zones;

    - abdominal massage - rubbing it with particular attention to the navel;

    - The final stage is stroking the patient with various parts of the master’s body (chest, stomach, buttocks, hair, etc.).

    After completing the procedure, the patient is invited to lie down a bit or drink a glass of alcoholic drink.

  • A combination of the classical massage described above with Thai massage, which is characterized by the consistent massage of the body from the lower extremities to the upper and the use by the master of practically all parts of his body.
  • Urological, focused on the prevention and treatment of male ailments.
  • Female, designed to relax charming ladies.
  • Double and trio massage are also distinguished, depending on the number of masseurs, individual Thai massage for couples.

    Why is it worth visiting a parlour for a real Thai massage?

    High-class specialists at the Parlour will be able to offer you a delightful Thai massage that can give true pleasure, ease of body and soul.

    The advantages of the massage parlor are:

  • - only certified employees who know the intricacies of Thai massage and select an individual procedure for each client, depending on his needs;
  • - the ability to select the client favorite massage technology;
  • - compliance with all hygiene standards, ensuring the safety of the patient's health;
  • - acceptable prices;
  • - Polite and helpful staff.
  • Visit the massage parlor and experience the pinnacle of your enjoyment. The main thing in it is still erotic massage. It is performed by a young girl in nude. She strives to deliver visual and tactile pleasure to the client by all means. To begin with, the body is rubbed with oils. They are designed to reduce the friction of the hands so that all movements become as smooth as possible. They also contribute to improving the condition of the skin: after the session, it becomes very tender to the touch.


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    Body to body massage Bangalore
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    Body to body massage Bangalore
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    Body to body massage Bangalore
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    Body to body massage Bangalore
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    Body to body massage Bangalore
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    Body to body massage Bangalore

    Body to body massage Bangalore
    Body to body massage Bangalore
    Body to body massage Bangalore
    Body to body massage Bangalore
    Body to body massage Bangalore
    Body to body massage Bangalore

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