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Fine Choices for the best Sexual Massages

Erotic massage, which we provide in a salon in the massage center of Bangalore under the name Massage girl, originated in the East, where there have long been teachings about amazing points on the body. By stimulating such erogenous zones, one could give a person incomparable pleasure, unleash his sexual potential and cause longed-for relaxation. Massage is also intended to bring partners closer together on an emotional and physical level, to enable them to better feel and get to know each other. From the girls in . Body massage parlours in Bangalore Madiwala you can have the best massage now

The main types of massage

The Massage in Bangalore Madiwala promotes the realization of incredibly pleasant fantasies, while there are no strict canons of its implementation. During its execution, various techniques are involved: pinching, nibbling, pressing, licking, tapping.

Very popular are such types of erotic massage as:


It is carried out by naked bodies with the use of aromatic oils. During execution, genitalia and erogenous zones are actively stimulated.


A pleasant feeling of relaxation is achieved by gliding naked bodies. It is usually performed in the bathroom, where the most important component is plentiful and fragrant foam.

Sakura branch

Pleasure is given by gentle touches with the lips and tongue to the erogenous points on the body.


This is the Spa centres in Bangalore Madiwala that involves an exciting effect on the whole body. Much attention is paid to the genitals and erogenous zones. Actions are performed by all parts of the body, not just hands.

Our salon is an ideal place where you will receive beautiful erotic massage at the highest level in Bangalore. A suitable atmosphere has been created in our salon, appropriate accessories are used and, of course, our girls have a great desire to give pleasure.

Atmosphere and accessories

Carrying out a Spa in Madiwala the Massage girl salon will lead to the awakening of sensuality and pleasant relaxation, because we took into account important nuances:


You can do massage at any time of the day when the client will have the right mood for this.


The effect of the massage will be amazing, as they bring him to our girls in the most comfortable conditions for the client - at a temperature of about + 23.5 ° C.


Erotic massage can be done not only in silence, but also to a calm melody or to the sounds of nature (sea surf, the sound of rain, birdsong, etc.).

  • • Lighting. Relaxation is facilitated by the muted lighting that we create with the help of candles, sconces, LED lamps.
  • • Surface. A surface with a pleasant body coating. Additional comfort will give a massage pillow.
  • The most important component of the action is massage oil. The choice of modern products is impressive, but all of them can be divided into: tonic and exciting, relaxing and soothing. Incense, in particular aroma sticks, also contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere in our salon. During exposure to the genitals, our girls use lubricants (lubricants). Depending on the features of the massage, it may additionally be required, for example: balls made of natural stone, crystals, brushes with feather and fur tips, bags with herbs.

    The erotic massage oil we use in our salon in Bangalore

    Erotic massage in Bangalore in the Massage girl salon exacerbates sensuality to the limit, excites, relaxes and gives paradise pleasure. It is very important that the touch is pleasant and not cause discomfort. Special oils are able to make movements light, pleasant, sliding. You can call the girls at the Bangalore Hotels now.

    Fragrant pleasure

    Intimate massage is a whole art, masterly mastery of which was highly appreciated at all times. But even without deep knowledge of the performance technique, you can deliver a partner vivid sexual pleasure. It is enough to decide on the choice of a means that harmonizes the physical and mental state, sets you in a romantic mood and helps to get a sea of enchanting sensations.

    Erotic massage oil in our salon includes famous aphrodisiacs:

  • • Cinnamon and cardamom will captivate with a pleasant fragrance and give a strong charge of sexual energy.
  • • Orange, rose and jasmine will raise sensuality to heaven, and ylang-ylang will open the door to the world of fabulous intimate pleasures.
  • • Cherry, melon, strawberries and vanilla mesmerize with its sweet aroma and awaken the longing for love.
  • • Geranium fills the atmosphere reigning around with bright colors of romance, and patchouli urge you to embody the most secret intimate fantasies.
  • • Black pepper and sandalwood release sexual energy and enhance the erotic attraction between partners.
  • • Green tea is a great choice if you need a gentle oil with a neutral aroma.
  • • Cedar and nutmeg increase sexual desire and a degree of passion, and ginger helps to quickly restore strength for new erotic achievements.
  • • Massage usually does not imply that the essential oil will be applied in pure form. An exciting agent is created on the basis of grape, coconut, almond, apricot or sesame oil. Aphrodisiacs are subsequently added to the base oil.
  • Beneficial effect

    Erotic massage oil combines a refined aroma and a beneficial effect on sexuality. It is famous for the fact that:

  • • relieves emotional stress
  • • helps to relax and tune in to romance
  • • tones and increases sexual desire
  • • creates a pleasant atmosphere for sex
  • • promotes harmony in personal life
  • Massage oil has a positive effect on the skin, making it soft and silky. It improves the structure of the skin, moisturizes and softens well. The tension goes away, the mood becomes pleasant and romantic. With its help, it is easy to create a wonderful atmosphere for an intriguing erotic sequel. This is a great tool to fill sex with bright colors, to give it incredible sensuality and passion.


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