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   All My Dear Customers Ishaspa is your perfect haven for a day of stress and tension-free relaxation. People often say that only the journey matters as you have to experience everything thoroughly. But, at Ishaspa, we ensure that both your journey as well as your final point are both filled with satisfaction beyond your expectations A spa is a simple, calming, parlor-like destination where you enter for a day of rejuvenation. If you want to remove all the stresses, tensions and woes of your daily life, a spa is a place for you to be. Every spa treatment is a form of water treatment that involves using hot baths, saunas, steam rooms, and even whirlpools. These treatments soothe your skin and simmer you down to relax and enjoy the time at the moment.

   Although, in today’s advanced world, there have come up with different types of spas such as day spas, destination spas, hotel/resort spas, they all narrow down to one main goal. Improving your wellness and helping you relax. The journey will take you through the most soothing spa massage and you will arrive at a state of complete rekindled refreshment, feeling full of energy with a steady mind and a well-rested body. Every service offered by us is done by utmost professional and well-trained masseurs who know how to treat your body to help you kick-start again. They leave no stone unturned and will give your body the relaxation it deserves.

   The appeal of the beatific process doesn't end with the healing. It prevents various ailments such as
(<01>) Depression - by increasing the secretion of Dopamine
(<02>) Congenital heart diseases - by reducing the secretion of Cortisol
(<03>) Stroke - by targeting the tissues that store fat
(<04>) Stress and anxiety - by giving a general feel of well-being
(<05>) Various chronic muscle pains and skin disorders - by improving the blood circulation.

   A spa is a simple, calming, parlor-like destination where you enter for a day of rejuvenation. If you want to remove all the stresses, tensions and woes of your daily life, a spa is a place for you to be. A spa offers you a form of therapy, where you get to choose from a varied number of services, pleasing to your body’s wants and needs. These services laid before you seek to improve your physical and mental health as well as your beauty through personal care treatments like hair and body massages Bangalore, facials and many more. Every spa treatment is a form of water treatment that involves using hot baths, saunas, steam rooms, and even whirlpools. These treatments soothe your skin and simmer you down to relax and enjoy the time at the moment. Although, in today’s advanced world, there have come up with different types of spas such as day spas, destination spas, hotel/resort spas, they all narrow down to one main goal: Improving your wellness and helping you relax.



It feels like a dry and dreary desert without the touch of a woman. And many times, most busy and industrious men are pre-occupied and are working tirelessly to achieve their goals. There is no time to look after their physical well-being, so there is no question about having healthy emotional well-being. Both these factors are necessary to live a long, content, happy and healthy life. Sometimes, many men are just frustrated with the same touch over and over again, that life becomes so mechanical and repetitive. Their pleasure well-being descends into depths of emotional turmoil, that they sometimes become vegetative. They long for variations, want of choices, but they have none, just stuck with one. In numerous instances, men are just toiling hard to provide for their family members or just finishing their responsibilities, that life is sufficiently frustrating.

Even without any of these circumstances, youngsters and mature men just want the rush of adrenalin, and excitement of doing something new. People undertake various activities for such pleasure, starting from traveling, going on a bike trip, long road trips, engaging in adventure games and pass times. But not everybody will have the time and money to afford to do all this. There is a simple solution to take away all the tensions and stresses and spend time with yourself, for yourself, but just by someone else. Avail afemale to male body to body massage Bangalore in our massage center Bangalore, and you will feel the same excitement and adrenalin rush that you get in anything else, only with a fraction of the same time and money, and just within your reach.

You will be bombarded with choices, both in the types of massages, as well as the beautiful women who will provide you the service. No more repetitive and mechanical pleasure, you will be given a choicely and overwhelming pleasure and service. You will be pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism and gratitude our body Massage Bangalore offers, and your life will never be the same. If you want to be very discrete, that is an option too, as we also provide traditional massages in our massage and beauty body massage Spa Bangalore. So, think no more, worry no more. You only live once, so live it the way you deserve it – like a King. Give us a chance to serve you, and you will never be disappointed.


Massage in Bangalore

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Male to Female Body Massage Bangalore

Massages in bangalore can be done from one gender to the same gender or cross it to form Hetero-Gender massage. There are numerous benefits in the different gender massage. For example, women might need a firmer and stronger hand and apply just enough pressure to relax their muscles. After all, women are known for their ability on handling immense pressure. While men, on the contrary, might need a softer hand that will arouse and feed their inner fire. It is also a proven scientific fact that, with consent, the touch of the opposite gender helps secrete Dopamine, usually called as the “Happy Hormone”, the hormone that is responsible in making humans feel happy and loved.

The rise in the amount of Dopamine secreted, will in turn, reduce the secretion of Cortisol, usual called as the “Stress Hormone”, the hormone that is responsible in making humans feel stressed and frustrated. Cortisol also happens to be a fat and cholesterol addition hormone, which means it will lead to the build-up of cholesterol and fat from your blood deposit in t your body. This cause increase in weight leading to obesity and reduced self-confidence and also numerous cardiac issues.

Thus, a simple touch from the opposite gender is enough to make you feel happy, reduce stress, reduce weight and prevent you from heart conditions. A massage will give you multitudes of these benefits, plus a very relaxed and toned muscle structure for you. If opted the right kind of massage, and body massage bangalore it will also give you supple and baby soft skin and will enhance your youth to longevity. Here in Isha Spa Bangalore, you can avail both the type of massages according to your comfort. Your happiness and satisfaction are our main goals. So, fiddle no more with the idea, come meet us and experience for yourself, the joy and comfort of getting a massage.

Bangkok Body to Body Massage Bangalore:

   Initially offered in the luxury resorts and posh spas of Ko Samui, this massage crossed seas and dense rainforests, gaining enormous popularity in Bangkok. Commonly known as the Real Bangkok body massage in bangalore, any body who desires it can now avail this service in our specialized spa in Bangalore.

A body to body massage Bangalore, also known as body 2 body massage in bangalore, is a therapy where the masseuse uses her hands and the curves of her body, stripped and completely naked. The aim is to channel the vital life force of your body into all the seven chakras of the body, and completely rejuvenate them. A unique blend of different beauty oils is used for making the movements smoother and eliminates the friction avoiding any discomfort you might feel while the silky skin of the masseuse rubs against yours.

   Laid on to a massage table, your entire body is slowly worked upon, beginning from your legs. The slender fingers rub oil all over your body, caressing you and nurturing you in every nook and corner that had been yearning for the kind of attention you deserve. Every meandering part of her body is used in the process, such as her breasts for your chest and spine, stomach for the stomach, thighs for your legs, ankles for your calves and many more. This invigorates your entire body and brings in the much-gratified arousal of your essential being.

   After the body 2 body massage in bangalore, if you were tired, you will feel refreshed. If you were anxious, you will feel calm and pacified. If you were distressed, you will feel cheery. The burdened and overwhelming feel about life is replaced with the discovery of a renewed clarity and purpose.

   And these subjective changes combine with the physical changes often associated with deep relaxation, such as a rhythmic heart rate and easier breathing.

Sandwich Massage in Bangalore

   Ever felt that just two hands do not suffice to flush the everyday trauma and stress build-up your body goes through? We offer you the For Hands Massage, more commonly known as the Sandwich massage in bangalore. Now you do not need to travel so far to Thailand to get the real feel, cause our ishaspa masseuses are trained from experts and professionals from the massage heaven, Pattaya itself.

   Two skilled beautiful women will concentrate on your body during this massage. Sandwiched between the curvaceous and sensual bodies of two young women, your mind and body experience new heaven, a pleasure you have never felt before in your entire life.

   With their voluptuous breasts, stomach and thighs pressing against your body, both the therapists work their magic on you. The lubricant, generally a unique blend of essential and aromatic oils, is applied on the bodies of both the masseuses and then transferred from their skin to yours. This process is called Skin Sliding and is an experience you will yearn for again and again. Initially, your mind is very aware, trying to feel the movements of both the therapists on your body. Very soon, your brain will give up control and will be lost in the energetic whirlpool the bodies of the therapists create.

   You become a canvas, and the therapy unfolds like a painting with each and every detailed, synchronized and choreographed moves with varying pace and pressure. The sandwich massage in bangalore engages both sides of your brain and body, thereby refreshing and relaxing you in your logical and emotional space. It eases your muscles by focusing on multiple pressure points simultaneously. It brings you an alternate dimension if ecstasy you could not even think of.

   If you are a person who always wants extra, who always wants amazing results out of everything and thinks that you only deserve the best, then this is the massage for you.

Sandwich Massage Bangalore

Kerala Ayurvedic Oil Massage near me

   Tired of all the foreign massages that are coerced on to you? Want some shudh desi treatment for your body and mind? What special and perfect more can be, than the Ayurvedic Oil Massages from the God’s own country, Kerala? Women from Kerala are known for their beauty. If eyes are the windows of your soul, then Kerala girls have most beautiful soul in the entire country. Their lives are deeply entwined with spirituality and Ayurveda, and just their skin and hair will stand as witness and proof of their health.

   Ayurveda, now an alternate form of medicine, has been practiced since thousands of years. Our ancestors used fresh and organic, high potent herbs to make medicines. Medicines such as chooranam, lehiyam, kuluvai – all have their importance in Ayurveda. However, the most important part of medicine is the highly virulent and potent herbal infusion oil, that are prepared over months, to deliver the needed results.

   Imagine such a beauty, along with such a potion, together, helping you relax and de-stress. That is what we offer in our Real Kerala Ayurveda Oil Massage in Bangalore. Our trained professionals who provide you the service are either ethnically Malayalees, from paramparas that have been practising oil massage for generations, or those who are trained under them. So here is your chance to get the fruitions of a Real Kerala Ayurvedic Oil Massage in bangalore in our body Massage Spa Bangalore. Go ahead, dip in to Ayurveda, live well.

Oil Massage
North Indian Aroma Massage

Massage Center Bangalore

   Imagine squeezing out the life force of a seed or fruit and holding it in a bottle. That is what, essentially, the plant essential oils are. Essential oils hold the access to vital nutrients, that we won’t get in any other way, neither by consuming, nor by applying. They are known to be extremely nourishing, and each essential oil has its own purpose.

   Think of mixing multiple essential oils together, infusing thecocktail to your body through Skin and breath. Every cell of your body gets rejuvenated. That is exactly what Real North Indian Aroma Massage does in our Massage centre Bangalore.

   Those north Indian angels are known for their supple and flawless skin, frail structure and tender smiles. Our professionals are trained and certified beauties, and they use the life force of the plants to revitalize your life force. During the massage, a carefully and scientifically amalgamated blend of essential oils is applied on your whole body, thereby increasing the benefits you reap out of them to multitudes. A very sensual and pleasurable massage with varied rhythm and pressure then follows, giving you complete relaxation.

   A unique blend of essential oils is also used in the aroma diffuser inside the entire room, for you to inhale during your therapy. The smell is so divine, that it could calm any nervousness and anxiety, and elevate your mind. We have separate professionals for different massages, and hence, our professionals forReal North Indian Aroma Massage in Bangalore are from the northern regions such as Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in our Massage Spa Bangalore.

Jakarta Nuru Gel Massage Bangalore

   Imagine the excitement of your childhood while playing in a slide, but with an adult twist of a bed, Nuru Gel and a pleasure patroness. Isn’t it beyond your wild imagination? That is what our Real Jakarta Nuru Gel Massage offers you in our Massage parlour Bangalore. Originating from ancient Japan, Nuru massage has gained abundant following in Jakarta in the recent past. The word “NURU” is the Japanese word for “slippery or smooth”.

   You and the masseuse will be covered in Nuru massage gel , whole bodies, completely naked and then the slippery smooth skin sliding Nuru play begins.
   The secret of this massage lies in the lubricant used. While most other massages use oil, Nuru massage uses a special Nuru gel that is manufactured from seaweeds. It is an excellent moisturizer for your skin, which means you don’t just quench the thirst of your body and mind, but also of your skin. Our Spa uses imported Nuru gel because the higher the quality of the gel guarantees a higher level of arousal. First, you will be given a hot steam bath by the masseuse, tenderly caressing your inner child, nurturing the blooming arousal. The warmth of both your body opens up the pores in your skin, making you receptive to the experience you will float through. The Nuru massage gel is then applied on both your bodies, sometimes by hand and sometimes by her body. Slowly and steadily, the excess and negative energy stored in your muscles begin to evaporate, as the masseuse coerces and coaxes you into the realm of ecstasy with her melon-like breasts and mound-like butts.

   The wetness of the icy gel, combined with the warmth of the heavenly lass who does the Nuru play, will transport you to an elevated level of euphoria, one that you will understand only when you experience it. The romantic setting of mood lighting, aromatic candles, and flowers only adds to your experience.
   The settings are inspired by professional spas of Jakarta, and the Nuru Gel is the same brands used by them. You get an international quality massage, right here, within your reach.

Nuru Gel Massage in Bangalore
body Massage in Bangalore

Female to Male spa near me

   Ever had a massage in a swimming pool or a bathtub? If not, then this is a must-try body massage Bangalore. The bonus is that age is not a bar in this type of massage. And if you want a problem-free beautiful skin along with relaxation, pleasure, and satisfaction, then this should be your go-to massage therapy in Bangalore. As the name suggests, this massage is inspired from the beautiful and heavenly Spas of Istanbul, Turkey. Early Romans loved entertainment and were known for their extravagant, lavish and carousal merry making. The Roman baths were a place of such festivity, where all men and women gathered to enjoy the cold weather in the steam and have naked parties. These parties were generally orgy-fests, with multiple men and women caressing each other’s naked bodies in a hot water bath. When this ritual spread to Turkey, the baths were turned into Spas, as not many women were willing to take part in it. Hence, each bather gets his own masseuse, attending to his each and every need. It is a process of complete de-toxification, as the pores are opened up and it becomes easier for the skin to eliminate toxins. It also acts as a preventive treatment for respiratory ailments. Nowadays, the visitors and travellers from all over the world flock to Istanbul, just to get an experience of the wonderful Turkish bath and massage. You are very lucky that you do not have to spend so much money and time to travel to Istanbul to experience it. You can avail this RealFemale To Male spa in our Massage center Bangalore. Our massage spa in Bangalore offers a wonderful setting, inspired by the international Turkish baths in Istanbul. Your massage will start with you taking a good hot shower with specialized soap and scrubs. Then, you will be led into a hot steam sauna, completely naked. Your masseuse, also naked, will make you lay down on a warm marble table, to relax your body in the hot steam and pours some massage oil on you. She then applies pressure and force in a systematic way, with her entire body and gives you a full body to body massage Bangalore

Massage in Bangalore

Phuket Erotic Thai Massage

   Phuket in Thailand houses the first few erotic massage parlours in the world, thereby becoming synonymous with erotic, exotic and Thai massages. While all other massages satisfy your body and mind, the Real Phuket Erotic Thai Massage in Bangalore takes you on a whole new spiritual journey. The main aim of this massage is to remove the toxins from your body, mind, and soul. A complete spiritual cleanse of your entire system. You will be treated like a God, symbolically to state that you will be raised to the state of just pure pleasure, god-like. The ritual begins with washing your feet in a lotus-pond vessel, filled with water, rose petals and essential oil. This is symbolic that your body is purified, your earthly worries are left behind, washed off and your journey towards the heavenly bliss had begun. The next step is to cleanse your mind. With aromatic candles, flowery incenses, soothing music, beautiful mood lighting, and a stimulating young woman, your mind slowly forgets all the issues that keep chewing constantly. Cleansing the soul is only possible when both the body and mind are brought in to a straight line, functioning in harmony with each other. You are made to lay face down, naked and masseuse sits on top of you to start the massage. Her warm and wet sensual parts touching your butt and back initiate the magic of erotic Thai massage. Slowly kneading your shoulders and back, she rubs down your legs and arms giving you a complete harmonious body and mind. Then she gently starts stroking your vital life force, your private parts with her hands, legs, thighs, and breast, giving you complete spiritual arousal and relief, making your body, mind, and soul converging to a single point of pure pleasure. The resulting relief gets rid of all the toxins in your system, it is like having an exhilarating bath inside out.

Isha Spa Special Shower Jacuzzi Whirlpool Massage

   Doesn’t that name alone is enough to create excitement within you? There are so many activities involving water. A shower, a Jacuzzi, a Whirlpool, and then a massage along with it. That is just other-worldly ecstasy. Water is a conduit. We consider water holy, and we even believe that dipping in certain places in certain water bodies will cleanse one of their worldly sins. Early Egyptians also believed that water rituals will score them a place in heaven. It is pleasant to touch, gentle on one’s body and at the same time, can be ferocious and strong. A normal Jacuzzi will help you when you have joint pains. A good Jacuzzi will hose a steady stream of warm water to relax your muscles and improve your circulation. A very good Jacuzzi with make you feel like you are floating in water, buoyant and weightless. We have combined the power of water and recreation of the Jacuzzi and offer you an awesome and mind-blowing Jacuzzi ride. A ride which will help you feel relaxed, pacified, comforted, one that will relieve your joint pains, slacken and temper your muscles, improve your circulation, feel light and weightless, all the while having fun and enjoying yourself, with your very own masseuse, taking the best care of your entire body. First, you will be given a hot water bath, naked and erotic, by our certified masseuse. The special soap and scrub she uses will ensure that you skin is taken care of, while the bathing loofah, her hands and body will ensure that your masculinity is taken care of. Then she will lead you to a jacuzzi that is filled with foaming water that will make you feel like you are on a cloud. The settings on the Jacuzzi will give you a pleasant surprise by forcing a stream jet of water on various parts of your body, while the masseuse plays on you with her hands and body. You will leave our massage center Bangalore with a top-of-the-world feeling, both in body and mind.

Massage Bangalore

Isha Spa Special Lingam Rubbing Massage

   The legends of India say that the entire Cosmos was created out of a raw power source, a Lingam. The entire vital force of a man resides with in, hence the most sensual and private organ of your body is called a Lingam in Sanskrit. Thus, it will not be too much of an exaggeration, if we are to say that your creative power and life force lay within your Lingam. This is also one of the reason, why your Lingam is a seat of stress and strain, why it needs relief quite often. You would have noticed or heard that, quite often, when one is under stress, you will be unable to perform in your sexual activities properly. Sometimes, even due to performance pressure, you may face the disfunction. It will also happen that sometimes when you are very energetic or excited, you will face unwanted erection. It could be a little embarrassing too, only when others can see it. There is no need to say more, or convince for a reason, as to why you need to keep our Lingam serene and relieved. These are a few of the reasons, why you should avail our Real Isa Spa Special Lingam Rubbing Massage Bangalore. However, you just do not need any reason to treat yourself to some pleasure that is free of guilt, something that can give you just pure happiness and bliss. You just needed refreshment, you are running short of time and needed a quick relief, or you are just tired of using your own hands. You do not need an excuse to indulge in a delightful experience. You are only stroking your masculinity with glee, keeping your inner flames alive and roaring. Come, get the taste. We are here to serve you, in our massage parlour Bangalore.

Female Massage Bangalore
Nude Massage Bangalore

Bangalore Erotic Nude Massage

   Bangalore is a melting pot of various cultures. It is a cosmopolitan city, with people from various cultures, countries, and practices all live in Harmony. You will find the far spectrum orthodox people following their culture religiously, and also far spectrum liberated diaspora. Anything and everything is possible in Bangalore. The same Bangalore that is a hot spot for all the amusement and pleasure, enjoys a very pleasant weather condition. The temperature is just right throughout the year, it is like living in a romantically set weather, permanently. With so many leisure and extravaganza around us, how will it be possible if we do not have our own kind of massages, developed specially for our colourful diaspora? We introduce you to our specialized varieties of Real Erotic Nude Massage Bangalore in ourMassage center Bangalore. We will not be doing justice to the city’s cosmopolitan nature, if we do not provide masseuses of different ethnicity. Damsels from different countries and ethnicity are available on request, to give you an experience that you would have never had in any Massage center Bangalore or Massage Spa Bangalore. Members of the gentler and fairer sex from different countries, provide you multiple services with care, and you will feel aroused and satisfied in no time. Treat yourself to some Real Erotic Nude Massage Bangalore today and become a real Bangalorean.

Body Massage Center Near Me

   Feel that there is something missing in that intimacy you share with your dearly beloved? Getting a thought that the spark in your love making with your partner has left you? Feel like just want to add more spice to your love life? Or feeling adventurous and want to try something new and kinky with your partner? We have got the perfect solution for you in our Massage Centre Bangalore. While getting a whole-body massage together as a couple is doubly relaxing than a single massage, an exciting erotic massage as a couple is something reserved for the adrenaline junkies. Because that is what this Couple’s erotic excite massage offers you - a session full of excitement and enjoyment, along with your partner.

   The massage begins with you and your partner getting completely naked, and a choice of two masseuse accompanying you together to get a full body rub. You can choose to watch your partner getting the massage, or get it done together. Slowly, both the masseuses also get naked, and will provide an enchanting kneading, applying pressure in the spots where the tension is built up. Once the tension and stress in the muscles are subdued and the body is relaxed, the erotic play makes you get stimulated. The masseuses will make you lay down together, and will rub and knead, play with you and your partner, in a way that creates sexual excitement. You will be able to enjoy the intimacy with your partner, but even better, you will also have the masseuses taking part in it. Your masseuses will exchange in-between, and will build up the intimacy between all four. You can hear your partner moaning in pleasure, while you yourself are being pleasured by a trained masseuse. At one point, all four of you will be entangled on the bed, all arms and legs interlocked in embrace, completely naked and extremely aroused.

  The new experience will be mind-blowing for both you and your partner, as it will be a complete foursome that you would have never experienced before. Your endorphins spike, and your heart beats race as you lean closer to the climax. The best part? You don’t have to finish last to be a gentle man, as the masseuses can take care of the complete pleasure for your partner. You can be exhilarated with your own pleasure, no pressure of satisfying anyone else. What more can you ask for? A session with trained erotic beauties de-stressing and satisfying both you and your partner, a session in which you can just concentrate and enjoy your own carnal pleasure – even with your partner. Book a Massage Bangalore with us now, and be that awesome husband nobody will ever get.

Woman body massage center near

   Traditionally known as the “Udvartana” massage, this massage uses a dry powder made of multiple herbs that are known for de-toxification in Ayurveda. When done right, the dry powder massage has a capability to give the person a complete detoxified body, an even toned skin, reduction of cellulite – which in turn leads to a toned body shape, and finally helps with obesity. The detoxification of the skin also means prevention from multiple skin disorders and a glowing undertone that reflects healthy radiance of the skin. However, traditional dry powder massage also involves using brick powder, which is very abrasive to the sensitive and the sensual skin.

   We, in our massage spa Bangalore, have procured the dry powders from the God’s own country – Kerala, specially requesting an herbal mixture that is safe even to a baby’s skin. We have also procured our professional masseuses from the training centers of the same beautiful land, thereby providing you the best Dry powder massage in Bangalore.
   Udvartana literally means upward strokes. So that is what you should expect – upward strokes – for your entire body, with the masseuse using her entire body. You will be stripped off of your clothes, and will be given a mild steam, to help open up your pores for better de-toxification. The masseuse will then apply the herbal powder on the back of your legs and body and will start applying upward strokes on your skin. Once she finishes a round of applying pressure with her hands, she starts using her entire body to rub the powder into your skin. The warmth of her body will melt the herbal mixture on your skin, and her sensuous skin rubbing all over your naked body will melt any pressure you carry in your mind.

   The same process is followed for your front, except that special care is taken on your private parts. Here, since the skin is very delicate, the herbal powder is mixed with an herbal oil, and the mixture is then applied to your soft skin, and a very pleasurable upward stroke is given. Meanwhile, you will also enjoy intimacy with your masseuse, as the divine smell and feel of the herbal mixture will naturally get you excited.
   With usage of wild turmeric roots, mango ginger powder, the best-known aphrodisiac jojoba flower powder and multiple other herbs, and the special erotic play added in, your skin and body will surely glow from all the attention they are going to get. And you are surely going to get some attention because of all the glow and toned body you will experience after the massage.

Female to Male Spa Near Me

   Think you have seen it all? You think there is nothing in this world that could amaze you? Feel that there is no experience that can faze you anymore? You are in for a surprise. You have not seen anything, if you have not tried our Special Four Layer Erotic Sandwich Massage in our massage center Bangalore.
You would have heard of four hands massage in which you will have two masseuses working on you, giving you pleasure and relaxation. If you are regular massage customer, you would have experienced the pleasure. But have you heard of the four layer, where, instead of just 4 hands, you have eight hands that work together to give you pleasure? That is what you get in this massage. Add to that, that all the four masseuses will be completely naked, and the massage is erotic in nature. If you get the image of a king with all his concubines in his sleeping quarters or the Harem, you are not far from the actual. This is a massage that is fit for a king. You get to play with all the masseuses sexually, and you will be given a royal treatment during the massage session.

First, you will be completely stripped off of your clothes. Once you are naked, you will be given a warm bath by four masseuses together, all nude and beautiful. Then you will be led to the massage bed, instead of table, to give you a very soft and sensual massage. You will be laid down on a masseuse who is completely naked, you can experience the voluptuousness of her body through yours. The other masseuse will be on top, and the other two masseuses will take care of your side body. To make the enjoyment maximum, you can also initially experience this standing, so that you can feel the bodies of all the masseuses working on you, rendering their service.
Then, all the four masseuses will work in complete synchronisation to give you a splendid massage, but you will be lost in so many pairs of curvy and full breasts around you, rubbing you everywhere, giving you infinite pleasure and excitement. You can touch, play and fondle all the masseuses, and can have sexual intimacy with any of them. Imagine you getting to touch, hold and crush four pairs of boobs altogether, in one session, and with everybody under your service. Truly, it is a royal treatment and it is once in a lifetime experience.

Traditional Indian Aroma Massage

   Ever wondered why just the wonderful smell of hot and steaming food makes you salivate and feel hungry? The incense burning will make you feel spiritual and divine; a citrusy lemon smell will help with nausea and the smell of eucalyptus will alleviate your headaches. The secret behind is the aroma that these things emit. Curing a condition or using the smell for relaxation by enhancing and tapping into the aroma of multiple herbs is called aroma therapy.
The history of aroma therapy in India dates back to almost 1000 BC, with the kings and queens using it to decorate their rooms and for curing certain ailments. Aroma can be used as a cure, a mood lifting ingredient, a mood-inducing ingredient, an aphrodisiac, etc., Indians knew the potential of aroma to excite humans sexually and they used it to their convenience. Thus, the concept of decorating the nuptial night with fragrant flowers came in to existence.
Aroma therapy is now a kind of massage technique, using the deeply fragrant concentrated essential oils from fruits, flowers and herbs. If it is so good for your body and mind, how can we not offer the service in our massage spa Bangalore?

You can choose the type of couple massage Bangalore from our range of essential therapies or can choose a combination of the results you want. Each type is specialized by an aromatic essential oil that we use, or a combination of these oils. Ranging from relaxation, soothing, skin toning, beauty beneficial to sleep-inducing, refreshing, and also erotic and aphrodisiac aroma massages are available for your choice.
You will be given a warm bath by our masseuse and will be led to a massage table, where you will be given a much-needed relaxation for the session you have booked. The mood is set with the help of mood lighting, warm towels and a cool ambience. An aroma diffuser is used to diffuse the essential oil blend, which disburses a mild yet effective fragrance to the surrounding air. This lifts your mood and makes you feel relaxed mentally. This also facilitates the oil being passively absorbed by your skin through the open pores from your bath.
Next, the essential oil blend will be rubbed on to your body, and the masseuse applies pressure through kneading, pressing, rolling and mild thumping on to your body. This will help in active absorption of the oils in to your skin and reach your blood stream through it.
Aroma therapy is a much-needed pick-me-up massage, if you are looking for a relaxing and serene experience of both body and mind.

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   A warm bath after a very long day is sure to freshen you up and relax you. And a shower is a mini waterfall that you can experience in the comfort of your home. A warm shower will be a godsend during cold weathers, tiring days and to jump start your early mornings. A cold shower is very calming and soothing in the hot and irritant hot summer days. You will also feel aroused when you are taking a shower, thus the process of self-pleasuring happens mostly in the shower. We, in our massage spa Bangalore, know about the importance and the potential of a shower and thus offer you the shower massage. What is extra special is that, we have doubled the masseuse and have added an erotic element by making the girls nude. What you will be signing up for in our happy ending massage parlour Bangalore is an Erotic shower massage with both the girls nude together, giving you a completely pleasurable experience of incomparable experience of a bathing session.

You can have a relaxing and sensual massage with the silky-smooth skin of both the masseuses rubbing on your skin, and their voluptuous body pressing on to your body. The soap will be applied using their hands, stomach and breasts, thereby exciting you to the core. You can have fun with the masseuses while they give you a pleasurable massage and a bath, all the while the warm gush of steady current of water pounding over your body massage Indiranagar. The erotic play will satisfy your sexual cravings and desire, and the best part is that it is two masseuses rendering you’re their service, instead of one. Come, immerse yourself in the experience of a mind-blowing bathing massage of your life, a service that is sensual, sexual and serene. You will surely come back for more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Does full-body massage include private parts?

Not only for private parts but a full body massage includes your hair, head,ears, eyes, and skin. Full body massage service means head to toe including everything body. Although it's a total body massage from top to bottom still you will be kicked out pain of the massage room before time.

2.Where can I get best massage center in Bangalore?

Where is the massage center in Bangalore will be our doubt but with no hesitation and with 100% guarantee we ishaspa body massage promise all our client a complete relaxation and great satisfaction on every visit at all our service locations

3.The best home massage girls in Bangalore?

ishaspa body massage centers in Bangalore have now come with a new concept which involves more options based on customer review and request. So to meet your expectation and demand we introduced “Home Massage” by massage girls all over Bangalore. and cheap spa in Bangalore?

ishaspa body massage centers have now come with a new concept which involves more options based on customer review and request.

5.Does full-body massage include private parts?

Not only for private parts but a full body massage includes your head, hair, ears, eyes, and skin. Full body massage means head to toe including everything. Although it's a total body massage from top to bottom still you will be kicked out of the massage room before time.

6.Were is the body to body massage center in Bangalore?

indiranagar massage service is one of the top prioritized areas in our service providing list since the body to body massage is a signature service and got excellent feedback from more number of clients.